Silent Work I: Façades

Below, we will recognise the work that cannot be seen.

There are many ideas in our studio. Several thinking heads creating designs and solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality. Ideas that are developed even though we know that most of them will be discarded: there can only be one.

Today we dedicate a space to façades

The façade is a basic and important element. It is the “front line” of our client’s image.
All factors, both external and internal, should be taken in account for its design.

Here is a small sample that forms part of our work process.

Proposed Façades

The best gift.

It all started with Father Llanos. He inspired Esperanza more than 70 years ago.  Her work has not stopped ever since.
She is now the one who inspires others to do their bit for over 270 disadvantaged families in El Pozo del Tio Raimundo. And that’s where we come in.
One of the project’s initiatives is to deliver toys on Three Kings Day.
For several years now we have been collaborating by buying gifts and being present at the delivery.
This year, due to the situation generated by the pandemic, it has not been possible, but they have sent us photos that reinforce us in the idea of illusion as an agent of change: Playing teaches, unites and contributes values in a very punished neighborhood.

See you next year!


Three Kings Day

Akelare Hotel

Hotel Akelare: Pedro Subijana’s Dream Hotel

The visitors of the city of San Sebastian have been enjoying since last summer Pedro Subijana’s highly anticipated Hotel Akelare. The hotel has been a great success since its opening and has received high praise from its guests.

The studio for Arquitectura Mecanismo and EOS Ingeniería were responsible for the project and for the work management of the emblematic building.

The unspoiled Architecture as well as the interior of the hotel are the direct result of the best technology available for engineering today that sustainably allow the creation of a building that is innovative in design and geared towards maximum comfort.

The hotel has been awarded five stars which can compare with Pedro Subijana’s three-star Michelin restaurant. This makes Hotel Akelare a place where all the senses can be enjoyed

La mimada Arquitectura tanto de Interiores como del conjunto del hotel, sumada a las más altas tecnologías utilizadas en la ingeniería de la edificación sostenible hace del conjunto un edificio de diseño innovador y máximo confort.

The hotel includes a Spa and Wellness center, a hydrotherapy massage pool, a sauna, and offers various beauty treatments.

The project has been featured on several media outlets such as Rob Report and Vanitatis.

Amazon in Madrid

Amazon opens a new warehouse in Madrid

Amazon’s latest logistics center started its operations last September.

Located in Alcobendas, the new facilities are located within a new warehouse. EOS Arquitectura e Ingeniería, working for Aristeas Grupo Inmobiliario, was responsible for the project management, design and work management.

El edificio ha sido construido y puesto en operaciones en un plazo de 6 meses cumpliendo con las expectativas del cliente.

The warehouse will provide Amazon with the logistics infrastructure required to carry out the company’s direct distribution in the northern area of Madrid. It is located on an area of more than 8,500 m2, with 1,400 m2 of offices, which was also entrusted to EOS for its management and design.

The building was built and put into operation within 6 months, fulfilling the client expectations.

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ABC Serrano Shopping Center

ABC Serrano Shopping Center finalizes its complete refurbishment.

As part of the complete refurbishment process of the ABC Serrano Shopping Centre which finished in 2017, EOS, working for IBA Capital Partners, carried out the renovation project of all the facades on the building. Under our management, a thorough intervention was executed on the facades facing Paseo de la Castellana and Serrano Street, which were in disastrous condition due to pollution and inappropriate previous repairs since it was built, more than 80 years ago.

The works included disassembling and assembling numerous elements, including the upper cupola, which was refit with a new interior structure to ensure its stability for many years to come.